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    Fabricante:   MSI COMPUTER    P/N:  9S7-14F121-200    EAN:  4719072961855    Código:  47577
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Portátil - MSI Summit E14 Evo A12M Summit E14Evo A12M-200ES 35,6 cm (14") - Full HD Plus - 1920 x 1200 - Intel Core i7 12a Gen - Plataforma Intel Evo - 16 GB Total RAM - 1 TB SSD - Intel Chip - Windows 11 - Intel Iris Xe Graphics - Tecnología IPS de Variación en el Plano - 10 Horas Duración de pilas - IEEE 802.11ax Wireless LAN Standard

Summit E14 Evo | Determined to Succeed | A New Start with 12th Gen

The Summit E14 Evo is a blend of postmodern design with modern technology. Inspiring business elites with certified Intel® Evo? Platform and 16:10 Display ratio. Enjoy the high performance and reliable design anywhere you go.

Perfection in Aesthetics

The MSI logo on the Summit series is designed with the golden ratio, to truly detail the synergy of aesthetics, mathematics and geometry. The logo is precisely placed in the most prominent position.

Intel® Evo? Platform | The Ultimate Premium Laptop Experience

Feature the latest 12th Gen. Intel® Core? i7 processor and verified by Intel® Evo? platform to provide thin, light and powerful performance that keep your productivity anywhere.

Golden Ratio Display

The Summit series utilize a 16:10 display to fully demonstrates the appeal of the Golden Ratio: 1.618, and is designed for users to have the most comfortable visual experience for long term usage.

Optimal Mobility. No Compromise.

With long-lasting battery and fast-charging technology, you can be more productive without worrying about notebook constraints. Verified by Intel® Evo? platform, the Summit E14 Evo allows you to stay productive anywhere you go.

Extraordinary Wireless Experience

The latest Wi-Fi 6E delivers blazing speed, while maintaining a stable and smooth network connection even if there are multiple devices connected.

PCIe Gen 4 Storage Support

PCIe 4.0 effectively boosts daily workflow and has better signal reliability, integration, and connection for improved performance.

MSI Center Pro

The MSI Center Pro takes optimization to the next level with AI Smart Auto, which easily adjustable system modes and resources for a wide range of scenarios and needs.

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